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A Brentwood Sprinkler Repair team member releases the pressure on a pop up systemOur Brentwood Sprinkler repair company is a one service shop. We don't do sprinkler repair on the side. We aren't jack-of-all-trades repairmen. Sprinkler systems are highly specific and require a good deal of knowledge about water pressure, valve controls, pop-up head diaphragms and underground wiring on the mechanical end and then an equally deep knowledge of local weather conditions, soil absorption and runoff rates and the best ornamental plants and turfgrass covers for a lawn. This isn't a combination that is found in the local handyman or fly-by-night operation. Our professional Brentwood sprinkler repair staff only does sprinkler systems.

One of the major reasons for getting a sprinkler system installed is to reduce your water usage. What some owners don't realize is the system needs to be adjusted every year to compensate for the growth of plants in planting beds and the rise in turf level. Our Brentwood sprinkler repair experts will evaluate your current system set-up and timer controls and tweak them to allow you to get the most for your money while not compromising the health of your plants or lawn. Our techs usually suggest a system that takes advantage of rain sensors to adjust the timing of sessions. This will prevent the lawn from being over watered and save you cash by limiting sprinkler cycles to only the times your lawn really needs them. Call our Brentwood sprinkler repair team to schedule your audit today.

Our Brentwood Sprinkler Repair Team Does Full System Tune Ups

Adjusting a hunter pop up head during a routine sprinkler repair in Brentwood CAYou should have your system checked and tuned up every spring. The winter months can play havoc with a system, especially one that didn't get properly winterized with a blow-out. Pop up heads can crack, diaphragms can dry out and underground pipes can be damaged by ice damming. Our Brentwood sprinkler repair team starts at your control box or water connection and works through each line individually checking the function of every pop up head and drip line along the way. When we've completed our inspection you'll be given a full report and a rundown of the repairs that need to be made and adjustments that our team suggests. We won't do any repair work until you've approved the written estimate.

We've put in and repaired more systems in the Brentwood area than the next two companies combined. We know everything about the area from the annual rainfall levels and ground soil composition to the best native plantings to use to reduce your need for frequent watering. Get your sprinkler system running the way it was the first day it was installed. Call us today for top quality sprinkler repair in Brentwood CA!

Customer Reviews

I just moved into my first home and had no idea how to run a sprinkler system. After fiddling with it for a few hours I managed to soak myself and was no closer to getting my lawn watered. I called my dad. He didn't hesitate to tell me to call the Brentwood Sprinkler Repair pros. They came out and showed me how the whole system worked and set it up for the season.

~ Adam L ~

My girlfriend kept calling my yard the black hole of the neighborhood. I couldn't take it. These guys designed a system for my yard and even helped me pick out the landscaping plants. Now I don't have to worry about watering and my yard is the best one on the block. Oh yeah, and my girlfriend isn't embarrased to come over anyomore either.

~ Thomas C. ~

Brentwood irrigation repair & installation specialist poses for photoSo Why Wait? Our Brentwood Irrigation Team is Ready to Help!

Whether you're dealing with a sprinkler spraying the sidewalk, a timer that doesn't want to cooperate, or a system that's ready for an overhaul, our Brentwood irrigation repair & installation team is on it. Call today to speak with a real person who can walk you through your options for a bigger job, or get someone on the road for a simpler one. The only way we can help is if you call, so pick up the phone. We'll handle the rest!

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